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  • Course Overview
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Course Duration
  • Course Highlight
  • Course Content
  • Highlights of the contact program
  • Who Can Join?
  • Certification

Course Overview

Geriatric medicine

Geriatric medicine is the branch of medicine that is particularly aimed at the treatment and health of elderly citizens. There are several advantages of working as a geriatric physical therapist and one of which is the opportunity to aid the older people. Geriatrics requires complete evaluation of normal elderly as well as ill elderly and disabled people. It is becoming more and more prominent these days and to achieve the required goals doctors require to have close interdisciplinary working with nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, social workers, dieticians, and many other health professionals.

The certification of Geriatric Medicine course offers healthcare professional an opportunity to enhance their skills in treating elderly patients. This course will develop competently updated and responsive doctors who can deliver better results in terms of medical services. Objective of this course is quite clear, which is to upgrade the skills of doctors into the examination, treatment and care of elderly in contrast to the common adult population.

For the purpose of training, Geriatrics is divided into:

  • Geriatric Medicine, a branch of Internal Medicine which is still in its infancy, deals with up skilling doctors into the diagnosis, treatment and care of elderly in contrast to the general adult population.
  • The certificate course in Geriatric Medicine offers physicians and nurses an opportunity to upgrade their skills in managing elderly patients. Through our Programme, we develop professionally updated and culturally sensitive doctors who can deliver better outcomes in terms of medical services and patient satisfaction while dealing with elderly patients.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Medical Professionals
  • Age no bar
  • Basic Knowledge of computer

Course Duration

3 months online course with 2 days contact program supported by local expert faculty and exposure visit.

Course Highlight

  • AISS accredited by International Accreditation Organization.
  • Course Pedagogy (in line with global practices): Differentiator - 50% theory and 50% application based teaching.
  • Application based teaching comprising of white board, virtual classroom, Webinars, E Group work / presentation, Live lectures by subject experts, Chats, Instant messaging, blogs screen shares, Project work.
  • Reference subject content through E library
  • Each block culminating into a qualifying assignment.
  • Credits based teaching outcomes for global application.

Course Content

  • Block 1- What is ageing
  • Block 2- Bodily changes related to ageing
  • Block 3- Social ,spiritual & psychological aspects of ageing
  • Block 4- General aspects of the care of elderly
  • Block 5- Special aspects of the care of elderly
  • Block 6 - Abuse of the elderly
  • Block 7- Medication in old age
  • Block 8 -Education & training

Highlights of the contact program

  • Power point presentations
  • Teaching Aids
  • Old age home/ Geriatric ward of a hospital
  • Group work
  • Case studies
  • Q and A Sessions
  • Experience sharing by Experts

Who Can Join?

  • Medical practitioners/ professionals from all systems of Medicine


Successful candidates will be awarded a joint certificate by Astron Institute of Social Sciences and International Accreditation Organization, USA.