Are you an economist and do you consider yourself an expert in Excel? Very bad!

If you are an economist, or you are training for it, you will know the importance of the handling of Excel in the exercise of your profession. That is why it is not enough to defend yourself with the tool. If you want to continue growing as a professional, you must undergo advanced excel course, and we give you ten reasons to do so that you cannot refuse:

You will optimize your time. If you learn how to manage all the tools Excel offers you perfectly, you will do your job much faster, and you will get much more profitability to your time of dedication.

You’ll save on paracetamol. If you work in Excel, you know perfectly well what we mean. There are a few headaches that this tool can generate when you do not know how to handle it in depth.

You’ll be a better economist. Excel is indispensable for the development of the daily tasks of an economist. If you get an in-depth knowledge of this tool, you will feel more qualified and prepared as a professional.

You will learn in pajamas. Excel coursesĀ are online, so you do not need to scroll, and you can do it from any computer with internet. Few pleasures can be equated with developing your tasks with pajamas put in from the heat of the home.

You will decide your agenda. Excel training courses does not require dates or schedules. You choose how to manage your time to compute the total number of hours of the course.

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The training will be narrated. With a total of 5 hours of videos related, subtitled and accompanied by screen shots, you can visualize the steps to follow in each exercise, and you will find it much easier to memorize and learn each Excel function.

You will be supported by a trainer. Even if you are in your house wearing pajamas, you are not alone. During the course, you will have the support and advice of a trainer, who will guide you to achieve the knowledge imparted successfully.

You will learn with practical cases. To practice what you have learned, you will perform practical cases in which you will test the acquired knowledge. Also, in the end, you will take a level test to demonstrate your learning and obtain your certification of the course.

You will compute the course. If you pass the level test, you will calculate 15 hours of compulsory training for auditors and accountants: 10 hours in “Accounting and Auditing” and 5 in “Other subjects.”

You will become a Master of Excel. You can boast of it in your resume, and you will make the difference concerning the competition when you have to look for work. And most importantly, all your friends and co-workers will have you as a reference because you will become the only Excel expert you know.

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