Advanced Excel Training Courses

Who is it aimed at?

Administrative officials, and in general, people with knowledge in the application of functions in Microsoft Excel.

Excel Advanced course valid for Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.



The Advanced Excel Course is aimed at training administrative staff, and in general, people who have previous knowledge of Microsoft Excel at an intermediate level. The course will allow the student to apply higher level processes in the use of Excel tools, such as Macros, forms, templates, menus, and databases, among others; which will be of great utility to you for more complex processes in your work.

General objective

At the end of the Advanced Excel Course, the participant will be able to apply and design complex functions such as macros, forms, templates, menus, and databases in Microsoft Excel.

Creating and Modifying Pivot

Creation and modification of dynamic tables from a data table, application and allocation of filters to them to achieve a better search of information. Organization of dynamic tables to maintain a correct order and application of totals and subtotals to the data entered.

Setting Value Fields

Assignment of the format indicated to the values that we have in our dynamic table, to obtain a better representation of these and a greater understanding on the part of the user. Customize the operation of dynamic values by applying simple calculation formulas already reviewed in advance.

Data Management in PivotTables


In the Advanced Excel Course, we will learn about Data Management, calculations, and support for changes in Pivot Tables. Change source data from the PivotTable, deleting a PivotTable. Management, updating, and control of multiple dynamic tables in the calculation book.

Dynamic Listings

Creating and modifying dynamic listings from a pivot table created from a data table in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Customizing the layout of the PivotTable and specifying the corresponding options in the same table. Correct display of the created list.

Dynamic Graphics

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Creating and modifying dynamic charts from the selection of a Pivot Table. Design, presentation, and format of the same, assignment of additional elements of great utility. Graphical options to optimize tasks, filters input and update data to be incorporated after the graph has been created.

What is the maximum time frame for the Microsoft Excel Advanced Online Course?

In both individuals and companies, the deadline for the course is flexible and to agree with the student or business. These courses are designed to be carried out comfortably by those who have to combine dedication to the course with their daily work.

Is there a schedule for the course?

In the case of the Advanced Excel training course, the access to the contents is available 24 hours, so that the student can access at his discretion even on holidays and at any time. In these sessions, the student can view the videos of the lessons, as well as perform the exercises and practices proposed. However, consultations with the teacher are taken care of during working hours.

Do you receive a course certificate?

At the end of the online Microsoft Excel Advanced Course, the student receives a certificate attesting to the success of the course and if necessary, specifying the course hours and content of the course.

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