Advanced Financial Excel Course: To Deepen The Field Of Accounting And Finance


The present program is designed and directed by those professionals who already have knowledge in matters of accounting and finance and wish to deepen in this field, for which they require a more advanced knowledge of the finances, and for which it will be considered essential to attain skill in the use of Excel as a calculation tool and financial analysis.

– Note from the trainer

It is recommended to carry out the present Advanced Financial Excel Program prior to the completion of the Economic-Financial Accounting Program at the initiation or advanced level, since the calculation of the economic and financial valuations of the elements and operations require sufficient skill in the use of the Excel tool in its calculation and economic and financial analysis.

– Objectives:

To know the main functions of the different areas offered by Excel, with particular attention to the economic and financial sphere.

Be able to elaborate:

  • Financial calculations.
  • Models of financing according to the different temporary needs and their comparative.
  • Models of investment analysis for decision making.
  • Models of economic and financial forecasts.

Using the most advanced Excel tools for this.


Advanced excel training in Delhi: Upon completion of the advanced excel training, participants will be able to understand the most advanced features of Microsoft Excel, as well as their practical use oriented to base analysis data, mathematical operations and complex functions, as well as the management of charts based on information tables. They can create and analyze scenarios and solve problems through the use of the Solver. They will use formulas based on form controls as well as the execution of macros from these same controls.

BENEFITS FOR THE ADVANCED EXCEL COURSE PARTICIPANT: To know in depth the most important aspects of data management and its functions such as Search V, Yes, Index, Subtotals, among others. You can manage and share documents, whether or not to allow access to other users and activate change control. You will learn how to generate Mini-graphs for the presentation of values in databases. You will know the SOLVER, powerful tool to solve problems of calculation of diverse variables to evaluate.

Advanced excel training course in DelhiĀ Directed To: Officials of any level in the areas of administration, auditing, finance, treasury, human resources, sales, marketing, among others, who have already taken the previous courses; this is indispensable so that they can understand and master the most advanced functions of Excel imparted in this course.

There is currently no profitable business that does not use spreadsheets to carry their bookkeeping or report. Contrary to what is said of Excel and spreadsheets, every day we see how the major industries of the internet bet on these types of tools improving their interactivity. It is the case of Microsoft Office that offers Excel online with its SkyDrive or Google Giant that makes available tools with Google Docs.

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