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Career thinking in digital marketing in India? You have come to the right place. This piece of writing will give you an insight into how you can make a career in digital marketing and what the future of digital marketing training courses looks like.

See these blurry statistics:

There are around 450 million regular Internet users in India (according to IAMI), which is around 30 to 40% of the total Indian population. This number will reach the best level in 2017 with the easy and cost effective availability of the network in both urban and rural India.

See that Joe is entering the market, while Airtel is reducing the cost. Remember the last time when you paid attention to the advertisements of those newspaper or TV ads without switching channels? Okay, there is a radical change in how information is used. Today, people consume more content on mobile phones and laptops

Today’s content inspires people to trust your words in shared channels or television.


About 180 million Facebook users in India are up to 31 March 2017, and this number is a sign that nearly 50% of the population in India wants to use the population network.

About 95 million people use mobile phones today in India, and there is a possibility of reaching 103.5 million in June 2017. In those days, people used their landline phones. Smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s world!

There is a popular saying that goes – “Stay there, where are your customers.”

You should know that today your customers are networking all over the internet, on social media 24 Ă— 7 and leading a digital life.

The question is, is your business a part of your digital life? Most importantly, have you made yourself a digital lover?

We cannot compare the digital advertising in this period. Still, digital marketing is bright, clean and a lot can be achieved with a minimum budget.

Growing Digital Marketing Career Opportunities:

We believe in the demand and supply model if there is any surplus demand then there is a need to provide sufficient material to make the quality substance. However, demand for internet marketing training is huge and timely supplies are low. We are not telling it based on assumptions, but instead of seeing these numbers shown by popular channels like LinkedIn and Job.

Digital Marketing Carrier in India

There are about 4,900+ job opportunities in digital marketing on LinkedIn

Digital Marketing Career India

‘Digital Marketing as a keyword’ with job opening about 13703 jobs about DM

But is there enough supply?

Digital marketing is not a part of India’s education system. It is provided by business schools as a crash course, an optional subject or semester curriculum. However, there is no substantial expertise that Indian universities have adopted. For many, the final solution is to register to be a digital marketer in local digital marketing institutions or online internet marketing training.

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