Excel Training- Choose Your Level

Excel is a software developed by Microsoft Corporation, and consists of a spreadsheet that lets you enter numeric values into rows and columns in a spreadsheet and use them to perform calculations, statistics, and graphs.


Excel comes bundled with Microsoft Office along with other products and applications, so you do not have to download anything, even buy the software separately and install it.

It is already present in the pc, whether it’s fixed or portable, it’s all set up and ready for use.

Why use Excel?

The program spreadsheets Excel are useful to everyone, from students for interactive and important lessons for science education; but also for professionals.


Excel shows you how math equations work for specific input conditions or in a range of possible values. This program graphically displays the equations, but not only, but also statistical analysis, including mean, fashion, median, standard deviation, errors, multi-variable analysis, and more.

Using Excel is not easy

Excel is by no means easy to use if you do not know what to do. Moreover, the things he can do are so many that they are unthinkable before knowing and knowing how to use this infinite program. You do not only need to learn how to use it but also do a lot of practice so that you can use it better and better.

How to Learn to Use Excel

Best Excel Training Institutions in Delhi

Learning how to use such great software and functionality in itself is complicated because even if you do not even have the basic knowledge of science and have never approached the program, it’s tough. As with online tutorials, they are not 100% explanatory and cannot show you everything, and they will not be able to meet the needs of the individual.

To avoid confusing worse and worsening the situation, the best thing you can do is to follow an Excel training institute in Delhi.

Your Excel level?

  • Find out what your Excel level is! Answer these simple questions:
  • Can you analyze data with the subtotal function?
  • Have you ever used Remove Duplicates?
  • Conditional Formatting?
  • Can you create a Sparkline Chart?
  • Have you ever written an IF (Function If)?
  • Do you prefer to use Index and Compare or Vertical Search?

Excel Base Course

The advanced Excel training courses in Delhi is the ideal course for those who do not know how to move well with Excel. The course is invented to help you build the foundation for your future. The course has a decidedly practical cut and is designed to make you more efficient thanks to Excel. After this course, you will work faster, obtaining better results, even from a graphical point of view, with less effort, less attention and fewer mistakes.

Advanced Excel course

If you’ve been able to answer the questions I’ve made before, the excel training in Delhi NCR is the right training for you! In this course, you will improve your Microsoft Excel skills and bring them to a new level. The advanced Excel course does not include mandatory exercises, but there are optional files to practice.

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