Role of a Probationary Officer in Bank: Things to Know

If one thinks of a lucrative career, banking is one field that certainly ranks high in the list. If someone is asked about the most privileged designation in bank, almost everyone would answer it is the role of a probationary officer. Therefore many bank training academy in Delhi provide short term courses for banking jobs that focus solely on preparation of PO exams.


Like many professions in the professional world, banking has a hierarchy in which probationary officer sits very much on the top. Add to that there is tremendous scope to rise in terms of rank and seniority. Although many draw a bead on becoming probationary officer, few of them know what the role and job profile is all about. Let’s find out

  • The designation of bank probationary officer is not absolute by the rule books. It is basically a training period (usually 2 years) whilst candidates works in the bank as an employee.
  • During this training period, PO candidates may be assigned with jobs in almost every department or specialization like clerical, loan department, finance, accounting, accounts preparation etc.
  • On completion of the probationary period, candidate earns the designation of Assistant Manager. In this particular designation, the candidate’s primary job is to expand the business of the bank in the region vis a vis maintain the daily transactions, draft clearance, cash management and even occasional customer disputes and grievances.
  • Planning and budgeting, investment management is also vital to a bank branch’s operations. These are assigned to the candidate based on their performance in the probation period and also on how industrious, quick decision maker they are.
  • PO’s may also have to be the vigilante for all the activities carried out by the bank’s clerical department.
  • Bank PO’s must stay abreast with the latest of the RBI directives issued to the banks along with the pan India functioning of the bank consortium they are part of.

That said, the task of clearing bank exams with flying colors is a tough nut to crack. Taking cue of this fact, bank training academies in Delhi have  modified their course structure to make sure that students who are eyeing only for the role of probatioary officer get benefited. As a matter of fact, academies like assk provide short term banking courses for banking jobs so the working aspirants are able to get the maximum education in short period of time. Students can also go for banking courses after graduation. The move might benefit the students of the non-commerce background students since they can acclimatize themselves to a relatively unknown field.

Higher career growh possibility is what drives students the most in this profile. Nevertheless, the preparation has to be extensive, on the dot and the aspiring candidate must brush up their ability to solve sample practice question in quick time.  The last hurdle is an interview round wherein candidate is asked a volley of questions from the field of banking, current affairs etc.

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