Specialist in Banking- Best Career After B com

Banking is a specialty that is becoming more widespread. It is not surprising since the number of banks and banking organizations in our country is rapidly increasing.


Specialists in the field of banking are quite in demand at present. They can easily find work in various organizations. They are recruited to investment organizations, financial institutions, credit organizations, exchanges. You can also get a job in an insurance company or the planning department of the company.


Banking specialists can work in various structures of enterprises. Among the most popular are such departments: investment, lending, securities, dealing. There are also stock, legal, accounting and economic divisions. In all these departments specialists are needed. So you understand that if you associate your profession with this field of activity, then without work, you will not remain on condition of a successful graduation from a higher education institution.

The duties of specialists depending on the organization they are going to work for. For example, if it is a credit department, the responsibilities include: accepting applications for a loan, analyzing the financial state of the client, the reliability of collateral.

Also, an expert will need to examine business projects for which the borrower takes a loan, to control the use of funds, to monitor the security of the pledge. That is, such an employee ensures the protection of making a deal for a banking organization.

On what specialties to study?

For employment in a banking or financial organization, you will need to get a banking diploma in the specialty “Economics” and preferably finish the master’s degree in Finance and Credit. Specialists can choose two areas of future activity: financial and credit and accounting and operational.

What do you have to do at work and specialization?

The duties of specialists in banking can be very different. Everything depends on the requirements of the head of the company or organization in which you will work. If we talk about common duties, they look like this:

  • Checking the compliance of customers with the procedure for working with cash.
  • Calculation of the minimum balance of cash on hand.
  • Drawing up the forecast of cash turnover.
  • Registration and issue of payment cards.
  • Maintenance of a card file of unpaid settlement documents.
  • Analysis of the financial position of the borrower.
  • Carrying out an operation on the interbank loans market.
  • Carrying out of calculations on export-import processes.
  • Execution of statements from clients’ accounts.
  • The list of duties of a specialist is quite extensive, and it can be continued for a long time. However, the essence of the work you now know.

Who is suitable for this profession?

The profession of a banker can be chosen by people who have an analytical mindset and good mathematical abilities or those who have joined short term diploma course after graduation. It should be a person who knows how to lay out everything on the shelves, analyze and devise information. The profession is significant concentration and increased attention to detail. Good bankers will be people who like financial discipline. A person should have a good memory, have the desire to bring everything to its logical conclusion.

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