Study Guide To Work in The Bank

Diplomas to work in bank

The short studies of BAC + 2 to BAC + 3 make it possible to return quickly to the world of the work; the banks offer numerous offers of training and alternation. Recruiters also appreciate young graduates at the BAC + 3 level to reinforce their workforce of sales representatives of bank branches.

If you have the possibility of continuing your studies, the BAC + 5 and bank training certificate in Delhi offer different specializations for retail banking or investment and investment banking!


The jobs in top bank sare among the largest employers in the private market and recruit thousands of new employees every year, offering a variety of career opportunities.

With the various economic and financial problems of recent years, the banks adapt their strategy in order to promote customer loyalty, in particular through a strong commercial development of their banking network.

The role of bank employees is oriented towards higher value-added advice and sales. Recruitment is changing with this trend; targets are diversifying from BAC + 2 to BAC + 5 with a trend for business profiles and young people in recent years.

Which studies to work in a bank?

For retail banking, the main trades put forward by recruiters are those that allow us to undertake an “agency path,” these are the main business lines of retail banking.

Banking courses in Delhi BAC + 2 and BAC + 3

The functions of the receptionist are adapted to young graduates of the BAC + 2 or BAC + 3 level:  short-term banking training or Bachelor’s degree courses. These vocational training programs are adapted to rapidly return to the labor market thanks to an internship in a bank. The most competent or experienced 2 to 3 years of experience will be able to turn towards the profession of adviser of clients of the individuals; the advisor is responsible for a portfolio of several hundred customers that must develop and retain loyalty.

These trades require a real commercial sense and a mastery of the products sold because the customers are more demanding and better informed. The work also involves many administrative tasks and procedures specific to each institution.

Long studies BAC + 4 and BAC + 5

More technical sales positions are also in the pipeline, such as the profession of professional advisers to craftsmen, merchants and professionals, and the business of wealth management advisors for clients with savings or flows. The most sought-after profiles are young graduates with a Bac + 5 level who have completed an internship in this field, in particular holders of a Master’s or ITB’s (Bac + 4 specialized).

With several years of experience and a diploma recognized in specialty, the more technical positions attached to the headquarters or the risk management are accessible. The profession of a private consultant is to accompany a wealthy clientele to develop their heritage, protect their family, tax the estate and protect property. This function requires prior experience on a patrimonial clientele and a perfect mastery of the taxation of individuals and sometimes also the taxation of companies.

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