Quick Tips For Using Excel Better

As you know, Excel is one of the most comprehensive tools for working with spreadsheets, charts, calculations, and reports. Frequently adopted in the business world for better management of tasks, excel training institute in Delhi stated thatExcel is very much asked by its employees to know his knowledge.

Among so many features and importance, working with Excel is not always a practical task. Thinking of this, we have separated the tips 10 to use Excel more productively. Follow us:

  1. Transposing row data into columns

We often copy data from anywhere to Excel, or we open a particular spreadsheet received by email, but the information does not seem to be organized as we wish. A handy function in Excel is the transposition of data from rows to columns without having to re-enter the information manually.

  1. Context menu

You have used Excel daily and note that some features are used at any time. Therefore, it is evident that automating these resources with easy-access shortcuts would be a great time-saver.

By default, Excel offers three shortcuts in the top menu, namely: Save, Undo, and Enter text again. Therefore, go to File> Options> Quick Access Toolbar and add the desired shortcuts. At the end of the operation, click OK and check the result.

  1. Identify duplicate values

Have you ever received a long list of entries in your email and had you manually identified the existence of duplicate information? Note that by using the conditional formatting feature, you can quickly find out if a list contains duplicate data.

Excel Training

Then select it and go to Home tab> Conditional Formatting> Highlighted Cell Rules> Duplication Values.

Choose to format for the cells and click OK.

  1. Adjust lines and columns

It is very common to adjust the width of rows and columns in Excel to better organize the data entered. However, when you use this refusal manually, in addition to working, you may not be able to maintain a template in the dimensions of each row or column.

Thus, to adjust them quickly, select the cells that will receive the adjustments and access the options: Home tab> Format> Row height or Column width.

A small window will open to enter a value for the new dimension. In this case, enter the desired value and click OK.

  1. Quick formatting of tables

Formatting tables are considered a difficult task for many users. But if this task were simplified in a few clicks, it would be great, would not it?

With the Cell Style feature, you can get quick formatting of tables, including titles. To do this, select the table to format and access the options: Home tab> Cellular Stiletto and select the desired formatting.

Based on the tips given above, you can get better productivity in Excel activities for better results in reduced work time. Therefore, these simple tips by advanced excel training institutes in Delhi NCR can make a big difference in the quality of the work done by users.

Why Follow An Excel Course?

Years pass, but, knowing Excel is still one of the fundamental requirements for every phase of the work. Given the vastness of its use, taking an Excel course is still the best formula for your job and, also, to have more chances to find a job.

Therefore, to get to know the operation in depth, the best choice is always to follow an Excel course. It is a powerful tool, so you need to know how to steer with extreme care to have a global definition of its infinite applications.

This is why advanced excel training in Delhi NCR are increasingly popular. These training centers play a fundamental training role, forging their students to be more competitive in the harsh world of work.

Precisely, it is thanks to the excellent work done by these schools that the users of these specific courses will then be able to stand out in the labor market.But let’s see, albeit briefly, why taking an Excel course is always relevant and current.

What is the importance of Excel?


Even someone who is a layman of computer science knows perfectly well that Excel is perhaps the most critical used program at work today. On the other hand, it is enough to take a quick look at the business world to understand how much it is used. That’s why for so many workers and future workers it is important to take an Excel course to enter or stay in the workplace.

Therefore, learning what it is and how it works Excel has become a fundamental aspect. Not for nothing, for its flexibility and completeness, for the analysis tools and the graphs, as well as for the possible combinations to several functions, Excel, as an instrument, is always essential.

In addition to this, through a particular Excel course, you will have the opportunity to have the best conditions to develop your future in the best way.

The advantages of taking an Excel course?

With the opportunity to follow an Excel course, therefore, you will have a chance to enter a new and revolutionary world. Excel has the capacity of spreadsheets up to a million rows of 16,000 columns, which allows the user to import and work with large amounts of data and to obtain computing performance that is the fastest ever to have seen.

But beyond that, in the development of an Excel course, you will also have the opportunity to learn other infinite secrets. The positive side of Excel is that it offers an endless number of uses.

For example, it can be used as a data worksheet, as a simple calculator, as a support tool, but also as a display sheet for interpreting information.

Following an advanced excel training courses in Delhi, you will also learn how easy it is to create a chart, which works in collaboration with the direct mail functions, as well as importing data from the Internet, creating a concept map and drawing up a list of information sequentially, based on their importance.

In conclusion, training in the Excel world will allow you to be well prepared and able to master with absolute certainty this beautiful and incredible means of work.

Why Participate in MS Excel Training?

Microsoft Excel , the primary tool of the MS Office Suite , is the most complete and powerful software to develop calculation tables available on the market in the Personal Computer environment and allows you to perform any calculation and build exemplary graphs, quickly set numerical tables and perform both simple calculations (sums, products) that elaborate more complex.

MS Excel is not just a calculation tool but has become a real database with all the tools necessary for data analysis and processing of the most complex results. The goal of the two modules that make up the path is to allow participants to use mathematical and statistical formulas entirely and efficiently and to let the analysis and interpretation (also graphics) of significant amounts of data.

Advanced excel training courses in Delhi allow you to execute some rather complex calculation tasks. However, if you want to gain greater command of the methods in Excel, you need to learn how to use array formulas, which allow you to perform multiple calculations on one or more elements in a range of cells and return one or more results.

A straightforward Excel data analysis can be performed on the data present in a table with the Pivot tool. The Pivot table allows us to cross data in rows and columns to obtain results from the calculations deriving from the passed data. The Pivot tool will enable you to do Excel data analysis also thanks to the creation of graphs. The graph makes the significance of some factors more readily perceptible.


  1. Easy and efficient comparisons between data.

Make comparisons of data in Excel, is or should be a task every day, it is thanks to the similarities that one knows if we are on the right track or if we go to crash face to the ground! Right Excel users know how to anticipate these falls thanks to the excellent comparisons they make day by day and help businesses to interpret them with great agility to get the best out of the profits for the company.

  1. Rapid analysis of databases.

Currently known as Big Data, a concept that refers to the processing of large volumes of information, today allows all types of companies to make the best decisions for their business, analyzing large amounts of data.

For example, the historical sales of a company, instead of just analyzing the sales of last week, thanks to the advanced excel course is that we can predict market trends, improve digital marketing strategies, or increase Internet sales, all of a few procedures in Excel.

  1. Work simultaneously with other users.


Today we live in a much faster market, which is why time becomes infinitely valuable for all businesses. Having Excel professionals allows us to work on reports, analysis, or statistics Continue reading

5 Reasons why you should go for an advanced MS Excel Training

The answer is simple: its main benefit lies in the fact that it makes it easy to create spreadsheets that are totally relevant to your business context.

Flexibility and customization of the software

The flexibility of the Excel software makes it possible to create simple work tools to meet the needs of users. For example, adding PivotTables, Modular Charts, drop-down menus, and interactive controls allows users to view files from different angles. And since Excel is a file, the user can quickly add pages to the base file to do his analysis. Few turnkey software products offer such a high degree of flexibility and customization.

The rapid development of tools


The time required for an advanced user to develop a powerful tool in Excel is more than reasonable. Conversely, having a device designed by an IT team can not only be long and arduous but often at the heart of the development, the realities of the business, and therefore its needs change, and the development process ends up. Moreover, at the end of the process, if we do not have exactly what we wanted as a tool, we cannot make the changes ourselves. We must re-embark again in a long process of development. Excel, on the other hand, makes it possible to adapt quickly to the new needs of the company.

Ability to link to external databases

Did you know? Excel can readily bind to external databases like SQL, Access or others. The basic version allows specific links and additional add-ins will enable you to push even Continue reading

What Is Excel Intermediate? How It Differs From Excel Advanced Training?

When a company requests a professional, usually require a domain of Excel Intermediate or Advanced Excel, what do they refer?

The dynamic tables, macros, formulas, and statistics are part of the skills that workers and employees of a company must develop to make correct use of the tool for the benefit of the organization.

The advanced Excel is an indispensable tool for the work of an office and in general for the company, improving the performance in this tool allows better management of data and information, allows to perform analysis and generate added value to the strategies and projects of a company.

It is increasingly clear to me that when it comes to work, what an employer always has to do is make sure that his work team is productive, so he will always try to make sure that the employee has effective and efficient use of Excel to the various tasks that are required.

That said, we could begin that a Basic level of Excel, or basic Excel, implies that Excel has been used at least a few times and that operations can be performed that could be considered as intuitive, that is, what is necessary to explore the content created by other members of the company and can play the most routine tasks that may exist, until here all employers and educators will agree.


On the other hand, in the level of Excel Intermediate, is where there are some discrepancies in the content, for us (in the blog), Excel Intermediate includes all the features that Microsoft Excel gives us by default, not only to know them but also to use them with fluency, to be able to clearly distinguish how to solve the different situations in which we find ourselves with all the available tools.

By the way, we will often see that there is more than one method in which a problem can be solved until here many of the employers could be agreement, and various educational institutions too, however, many of the courses offered in Excel Intermediate tend to vary in the content provided. So I always recommend reviewing the syllabi by advanced excel training institutes in Delhi NCR for the classes before choosing a path.

However, when it comes to Excel Advanced, we refer to everything concerning work with Macros, in which you can make use of the VBA language with fluency. In Advanced Excel, you should assume that default in Microsoft Excel dominates all available tools. For example in an Intermediate Excel course we could review the use of “Search Objective”, while in an Advanced Excel course it should be possible to automate the use of “Search Objective” so that it is executed hundreds of times by means of a macro or for example that in Intermediate Excel you should be able to use “Dynamic Tables”. While in Advanced Excel you should be able to automate the creation of “Dynamic Tables,” making one for each of hundreds of available files.

5 Benefits of MS Excel Training

Microsoft Excel provides businesses with the tools they need to get the most out of their data. And when it comes to composing the most of resources and maximizing the return on investment, it is when it becomes an essential tool. Companies are collecting increasing amounts of data from multiple sources, including transactions at their stores, online sales transactions, and social media. These companies have to be able to compare and analyze this information quickly and efficiently.

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used in all businesses to display financial information and other data relevant to the operation of the company. This could be related information for the management department of customer relations, sales, marketing or human resources. With so many companies functions now dependent on it and the Internet, advanced excel training in Delhi NCR is still seen as a vital tool for the management and efficient operation of a business.


Build great graphics

Excel allows business users to get the most out of their data, by using formulas through a grid of cells. The data is inserted into individual cells in rows or columns, allowing it to be sorted and filtered, and then appear in a visual presentation. The use of grouped tables, graphs and columns add meaning to the data, which otherwise can only exist in row after row of numbers. These visualizations can add additional emphasis to business reports and strong marketing material. Excel recommends more suitable graphs for the type of data presented on the X and Y axis.

Use the conditional format

Excel users can format their spreadsheets using different color tones, bold and Continue reading

MS Excel in Business- Reasons to Enroll in a Course Program

Microsoft Excel gives businesses the tools they need to get the most out of their data. And when it comes to making the most of the resources and maximizing return on investment, that’s when it becomes an essential tool. Companies are increasingly collecting volumes of data from multiple sources, including transactions in their establishments, online sales transactions, and social media. These companies have to be able to compare and analyze this information quickly and efficiently.

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used in all businesses to display financial information and other data relevant to the operation of the company. This could be related information for the department of customer relations, sales, marketing or human resources management. With so many business functions now dependent on it and the Internet, excel training course in Delhi ncr is still seen as a vital tool for managing and efficiently running a business.

The importance of Excel in the world of work


Before starting to carry out a training course, it is essential that we know and know well what it is, what it serves and what it will contribute to the professional level. The knowledge we are acquiring does not take place, in fact, the more we know and the better education we have, the better. Especially at the computer level since everything evolves and it is important to recycle and update knowledge. The technologies are changing, growing and with it the way of working of the vast majority of companies or businesses.

How would we simply define the advanced excel training in Delhi?

We can say that Excel is a tool to be able to do any mathematical calculation on a Continue reading

Advanced Excel Training Courses

Who is it aimed at?

Administrative officials, and in general, people with knowledge in the application of functions in Microsoft Excel.

Excel Advanced course valid for Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.



The Advanced Excel Course is aimed at training administrative staff, and in general, people who have previous knowledge of Microsoft Excel at an intermediate level. The course will allow the student to apply higher level processes in the use of Excel tools, such as Macros, forms, templates, menus, and databases, among others; which will be of great utility to you for more complex processes in your work.

General objective

At the end of the Advanced Excel Course, the participant will be able to apply and design complex functions such as macros, forms, templates, menus, and databases in Microsoft Excel.

Creating and Modifying Pivot

Creation and modification of dynamic tables from a data table, application and allocation of filters to them to achieve a better search of information. Organization of dynamic tables to maintain a correct order and application of totals and subtotals to the data entered.

Setting Value Fields

Assignment of the format indicated to the values that we have in our dynamic table, to obtain a better representation of these and a greater understanding on the part of the user. Customize the operation of dynamic values by applying simple calculation formulas already reviewed in advance.

Data Management in PivotTables


In the Advanced Excel Course, we will learn about Data Management, calculations, and support for changes in Pivot Tables. Change source data from the PivotTable, deleting a PivotTable. Management, updating, and control of multiple dynamic tables in the calculation book.

Dynamic Listings

Creating and modifying dynamic listings from a pivot table created Continue reading

3 Benefits of Going for Advanced Excel Training that will Convince you to Join a Course Right Now

Microsoft Excel is something that we work on in our daily life be it a student or an accountant or any other business professional. While Microsoft excel is an irreplaceable part of the business field it is also widely used in other fields such as nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions. Every one of us knows all the basic functions of Microsoft Excel but there are many advance terms associated with it that not many are aware of. Advanced Excel today is the need of the hour and learning the skills of advanced excel can make you stand out among a big crowd of people. You might be wondering what is Advanced Excel? Don’t worry it is not some other application it is just Microsoft excel where you move ahead from the basic function and use complex formulas and techniques to enhance your work. So here in this blog you will learn about some of the most amazing benefits of going for Advanced Microsoft Excel training from any reputed institute

You Will Have More Value to Employers

What that means is that when you go for Advanced Excel Training you learn skills that not many people know. So you stand high among other people with same qualifications as you. So a basic course or training in Advanced Excel will create more job opportunities for you and you will be a valuable candidate for your employers. Business organizations look for employees who are willing to learn and have great analyzing skills. A master of Microsoft excel shows that you have great analyzing skills and you will prove to be a asset for the company hence attracting great pay scales and better job opportunities.

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