Want A Bright Career in Banking? ASSK is Glad to Help you Become a Professional Banker

ASSK which is a pioneering Academy of Business and Management has a promise of training more than 1 Lac banking experts in the next 5 years. If you want to make a career in banking then it is a rewarding and safe vocation from career point of view. ASSK academy prepares its students to develop some basic qualities that are of great importance for excelling in their receptive careers.

Consistency as primal quality

Bank job recruiters prefer candidates who are consistent with their performance, whether it is regarding academic record, experience or strong GPAs. It is always believed that records of past performance are the indicators of future performance, keeping this formula in mind recruiters look for those candidates who are consistent.

Exceptional Communication Skills

Communicating and persuading customers can become a hair pulling job if you don’t have a good command over language. Sometimes expertise over language is also not enough as one need to be confident enough and should possess sound knowledge to make his point heard in the crunch situations with customers. Recruiters often look for candidates who are proactive and ready to go that extra mile to solve a customer query and will not dissuade from answering a client. These students are required to work in a customer centric environment, where the client is treated as a king. Serving the king becomes prime important and a banker needs to provide services to its customers along with quick and speedy solution of queries and complaints of the customers.

Assk Courses

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Why go for Career Opportunities in Private Banks?

Career Opportunities in Private Banks

Indian banking sector in the recent times has become a hub for new opportunities and economic development. Career in banking has become a hot topic of discussion in the country. The career prospects and recognition in the banking sector has made it the first choice of individuals all over the country. Today various institutions in the country provide certified banking courses that secure your place. Here are some of he best reasons that justify that career in banking is a great option.

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Banks: Continuing Education Allows Progress

In the banking sector, career after b.com plays a key role. Continuing education allows these career progressions. In the era of digitalization and faced with the emergence of artificial intelligence, bank employees must also develop new skills to adapt their business, which is bound to evolve.

Evolution of professions and digitalization force, what new skills should bank employees develop in priority?

These evolutions are impacting all the banking professions; one cannot bring a single answer. If you look at the customer relationship business, which is about half the workforce, the significant change is that the advisor now has to work in an Omni channel environment. It must be able to intervene in a mostly digitized customer journey and bring timely responses and solutions tailored to the project and the profile of the client.

This, of course, requires having a solid foundation of digital skills (the banks agree in this regard significant investments), technical and regulatory, but also develop strong interpersonal skills to make a difference in terms of quality of reception, listening, support and advice in relation to digital solutions and artificial intelligence (AI).


Finally, the business related to the customer relationship does not change in their fundamentals, it is the manner of exercising them and therefore the base of necessary skills that evolve.

Which are the professions of the bank most impacted by these evolutions?

Over the next few years, it can be estimated that three segments of the banking business will be primarily concerned by the need to develop new skills, with the aim of a specific effort regarding training. These are (in decreasing order of volume of the populations concerned):

  • Sales forces and customer relations professions which, with the development of artificial intelligence and the arrival of new players, will probably have to refocus the heart of their business on value-added expertise and advice;
  • Risk and compliance professions, artificial intelligence opening up new unsuspected possibilities in this area;
  • Activities related to data management, especially the customer journey, which will undoubtedly give birth to a myriad of new jobs.

But, of course, the other components of the banking activity (HR, support functions, etc.) will also be impacted to varying degrees.

What are the risks for those who would not want to train or who would be too late?

Through adapted methodology and à la carte training, the student gradually builds his project by acquiring skills in public finance, local government finance, finance and strategy, corporate finance and market practice, banking, and the stock market, finances, and probabilities, which can constitute as many specializations according to the proposed course.

Career opportunities

Holders of diploma courses in finance and banking are directly operational managers who work in accounting firms, auditing, and consulting firms; banks and insurance companies; Corporate Finance departments of major industrial and commercial groups. Depending on the context, there are positions as a financial analyst, account manager, an auditor in office, treasury manager, portfolio manager, sales trader.

Depending on the context, there are positions as a financial analyst, account manager, an auditor in office, treasury manager, portfolio manager, sales trader, etc.