What is MS Excel Advanced Training?

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program from Microsoft, allowing you to do extensive calculations with formulas and functions for everyone. Do you want to learn Excel? We offer you a wide range of Excel presence courses for every level – from basic training giving you an introduction to the user interface and key formulas and features, to topic-specific seminars on pivot tables, charts and business intelligence features with PowerPivot and Co.


Effective controlling and accounting today are hardly conceivable without spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. This excel training in Delhi ncr is for people who work in controlling, accounting, accounting or other finance departments. The Excel course is specially tailored to the requirements and the already good Excel skills of these groups and helps you to carry out your daily work even more efficiently. We put you in a position to put your company on a much better information base.

You learn with the help of Excel to compress relevant data and to gain new meaningful key figures. The emphasis of the Excel course is on the processing of exports from databases (e.g., SAP), the adaptation of data, mathematical processing, tools for comparison and summarization of these data.

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How Useful is Excel Training Program For All


Excel is a program that allows not only complex calculations but also to manage, process, analyze and display a very large number of data and text strings.

The knowledge of the “technical” aspects of Excel commands and properties and the correct understanding of the syntax of formulas and functions is the first and fundamental step to benefit from the multiple potentialities offered by Excel fully.

The quality and effectiveness of the elaborations managed with Excel are strictly connected not only to the technical knowledge that the user has of the instrument but also and above all to the ability of the individual to be able to make all the commands and functions interact that this tool makes available.

OBJECTIVES:  The objective of the Excel Base course is to provide the student with the technical and practical skills necessary to optimize the use of the program.

An additional objective of the Excel Base course is to develop and improve the analytical, synthesis and interpretation of user data through an optimal management of the commands and formulas that constitute the essence of Excel. At the end of the course, the user will have a clear vision of what must be the various steps to be followed to create solid data structures on which to base themselves to create Flexible Reports, Effective Charts or Simulation Models.


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Excel Training- Choose Your Level

Excel is a software developed by Microsoft Corporation, and consists of a spreadsheet that lets you enter numeric values into rows and columns in a spreadsheet and use them to perform calculations, statistics, and graphs.


Excel comes bundled with Microsoft Office along with other products and applications, so you do not have to download anything, even buy the software separately and install it.

It is already present in the pc, whether it’s fixed or portable, it’s all set up and ready for use.

Why use Excel?

The program spreadsheets Excel are useful to everyone, from students for interactive and important lessons for science education; but also for professionals.


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Excel Courses For Analysts


Hardly today in the world there is a person who owns a computer but is not familiar with the financial editor of Excel. This is natural since this program since 1989 holds the position of a leader in the software market and is a recognized world standard. But, unfortunately, not all use a wide range of possibilities at full capacity, although the editor provides a huge potential for working with financial estimates. Excel courses for analysts in their Training Center will help everyone to fill in all the gaps in their lacking knowledge. Teachers will train their listeners on the latest versions of Excel (2010, 2013). Courses are intended for users with any level of initial preparation.

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Excel Training For Various Purposes

Many computer users do not need to learn Excel until a certain moment. And this is a logical explanation: in everyday life, few people see the relevance of using this application. And this is a big mistake because this table processor facilitates not only the professional work of many specialists but also serve as a good assistant to students of senior courses of universities, housewives, that is, absolutely to any users.


It’s no secret that most financial managers and economists, despite the abundance of programs for financial planning and budgeting, use MS Excel, even if specialized programs are used, the final processing of results is usually done using Excel. Form BDR or BDDS is possible on paper, but how long will it take?

Summary tables, diagrams, data arrays, and complex formulas-without these assistants it is difficult to manage the financial manager and economist in our time because it is better to build a working model once and use it constantly than to recalculate everything anew.

Pass our course and master the spectrum of the most necessary features of Excel.

For whom this course

  • Owners of small businesses. Small business is conducted in Excel. What is the speed and quality of data processing, so is the result.
  • To the leaders. If you want to do well, do it yourself. Advanced Excel user for 10 minutes will do what for three days waiting for the subordinates.
  • Knowledge of special techniques will speed up the processing of data and the preparation of reports.
  • Experienced professionals. If you feel that you have stopped developing, then the course will be an excellent opportunity to cheer up and get down to business with new knowledge. Or to find to itself worthy work
  • To the young specialists. The ability to work effectively in Excel will increase the chances of an increase.
  • To students of last courses. Confident possession of Excel will help to pass the interview and will give a push at the beginning of his career.

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Advanced Level Course in Excel

The advanced Excel course offers you the technique for designing data tables that use relational database concepts. It is ideal for users who manage listings and must obtain statistical results and queries with selection criteria. It includes tables, pivot tables, dynamic charts, calculated fields, and estimated elements within the pivot tables.

Microsoft Excel, the Office suite tool, is the most complete and authoritative software to develop computing tables available on the market in a personal computer environment. It allows you to perform any computing and build sample charts, quickly set up numeric tables and perform simple calculations (sums, products), and more complex elaborations (statistics, financial, trigonometric).

Excel is not only a computational tool but has become a real database with all the tools needed for data analysis and processing of the most complex results.


Aims of advanced Excel course

The goal of the two modules that make up the path is to allow participants to use math and statistics formulas comprehensively and efficiently and enable analysis and interpretation of graphs of significant amounts of data.

Excel formulas allow you to perform some rather complicated computing tasks. However, if you want to master more of the recipes in Excel, you need to learn how to use matrix formulas that allow you to perform multiple calculations on one or more elements in a cell range and return one or more results.

A straightforward excel data analysis can be made on the data inside a table with the Pivot tool. The Pivot table allows us to cross the data into rows and columns to get results from the calculations resulting from cross-data. The Pivot tool will enable you to do excel data analysis even by creating charts. The graph makes the significance of certain factors more readily perceptible.


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Find The Best Excel Training Institutions in Delhi/NCR

Best Excel Training Institutions in Delhi

In many corporate firms, you can find different departments like I.T. Accounts, sales and marketing, administration, etc. All departments have their specific roles and work to perform and fulfil the requirement of in-house employees and clients as well. Among all the departments, account department is a quite common zone in any small or large level organisation these days. An accounting department of the company plays a significant role in managing the company and its employees’ all financial requirements and calculation work in a well-organised manner. It can be done easily by highly qualified and experienced charted accounts or MIS professionals, who have rich experience in Excel, and other advanced accounting software as well.

Excel is a basic and vital application that needs to be learnt by an accountant or a new joiner in depth. Nowadays, most businesses have MIS experts who are responsible for managing company’s all sorts of financial or accounting works and maintain their annual MIS reports for clarification of the company’s profit and loss at the end of the year. So, if you also want to become a successful accountant or MIS professional, you should join the best Excel training courses offered by many management and studies centres or institutions in Delhi/NCR.

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