Advanced Financial Excel Course: To Deepen The Field Of Accounting And Finance


The present program is designed and directed by those professionals who already have knowledge in matters of accounting and finance and wish to deepen in this field, for which they require a more advanced knowledge of the finances, and for which it will be considered essential to attain skill in the use of Excel as a calculation tool and financial analysis.

– Note from the trainer

It is recommended to carry out the present Advanced Financial Excel Program prior to the completion of the Economic-Financial Accounting Program at the initiation or advanced level, since the calculation of the economic and financial valuations of the elements and operations require sufficient skill in the use of the Excel tool in its calculation and economic and financial analysis.

– Objectives:

To know the main functions of the different areas offered by Excel, with particular attention to the economic and financial sphere.

Be able to elaborate:

  • Financial calculations.
  • Models of financing according to the different temporary needs and their comparative.
  • Models of investment analysis for decision making.
  • Models of economic and financial forecasts.

Using the most advanced Excel tools for this.


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Entrepreneurship and Finance


The venture is defined as the development of a project that seeks social economic, political order, among others. Entrepreneurs are not necessarily motivated by profit but are considered a standard for measuring achievement or success.

However, what describes its essence is its entrepreneurial ability (mainly consisting of taking risks and innovating). In this way, an entrepreneur with financial knowledge will help him to start new business projects and also strengthen his competitiveness. It is at this point that entrepreneurship and finance are interrelated.

To start a business, it is essential to establish: a plan, sales techniques, negotiation techniques, and the search for financing, administration and human capital.

Money is the soul of business and finance is the nerve center. Finance is the process of creating, moving and using the money, allowing the flow of the same in the company. Finances are fundamental to create or promote a business, gain assets, develop products, execute market surveys, advertising, etc. They represent an instrument for the management of SMEs that allow the interpretation of economic and financial data.

A diploma courses for banking can be seen in two different ways: investments and financing.


The investment is something that is bought with money and is expected to produce income or profits. Its role on the part of the finances is based on:

  • Find investment options for the company
  • It may consist of acquiring assets, buying shares, etc.
  • Evaluate these investment options and the financial capacity of the company to purchase the investment
  • For investment options, it is important to take into account which of them presents greater profitability and allows to recover the money as soon as possible.
  • Select the most suitable option for the business.
  • It will depend on success or failure.

The search for funding is usually given when:

There is a lack of liquidity to deal with the daily operations of the business.

Liquidity problems often affect the company to a greater or lesser extent. To solve this problem and to analyze the financial needs of the business you must undergo diploma course after graduation.

You want to buy a new product.

In case finances are restricted, risks that can adversely affect the accumulation of necessary business funds to cover the adequate insurance coverage and efficient internal controls. So, the entrepreneur can protect his finances from sudden impacts.

As you have observed, finances are of great importance. All aspects of the global economy depend on an orderly process of investment. Capital markets provide money to support the business, and business provides money to help individuals. Financial markets create money, companies distribute it, and individuals and institutions spend it.

The diploma courses for banking from is designed primarily for students planning to get involved in a new venture at some point in his career – as creator, employee, consultant or investor. However, the master’s degree diploma course in banking and finance is also aimed at students interested in gaining a broader picture of the financial landscape of modern companies.