Banking Sector – The Options Are Unlimited

Public and private sectors are getting jobs due to the expansion of banks and increasing business. New banks are also coming out; that is, good days have come again for the youth who dream of a bright career in banking.

Banks play an important role in strengthening the economy of any country. The Indian banking system has also given a strong economic base to the country. Government and private sector banks are increasingly spreading in cities as well as rural areas as per the instructions of the government and RBI.

According to the data, India’s banking industry today is around $ 1.34 trillion (Rs. 81 trillion), while by 2020, it is expected to become the world’s fifth-largest banking infrastructure. At present, there are more than one lakh branches of banks in the country. In addition, Indian banks have more than 170 branches abroad, while foreign banks in India have around 316 branches.

In addition, many banks are planning to open new branches. This is the reason that many opportunities for youth in the banking sector (public, private, and foreign) to get private bank training that are continuously coming up. Now, in addition to becoming a probationary officer or clerk in government sector banks, other options have also been opened. If you are a graduate in commerce, economics, or have an MBA-like degree in finance-marketing, then you can make a great career in private sector banks too.

Abundance of Opportunities

Currently, about seven lakh people are employed in public sector banks. A large number of these people will retire in the next five to six years. Vacancies of different banks are coming out to fill this gap. It is expected that more than 40 thousand vacancies will come in public sector banks in the coming days. Among them, there is a possibility of hiring at junior, middle to senior-level positions.

If you want to know how to get a job in private banks in India and if you have done graduation and want to go to public sector banks, then the IBPS exam will have to be cleared. At the same time, those who want to pursue a career in the specialized area of ​​banking (Retail, Investment, Wealth, Security), through private sector banks through campus recruitment, lateral hiring and consultancy can also find a career from There is a communication skill with an understanding of the Indian economy, commerce, accounts or finance, so why not take advantage of the newly created options in the banking sector?

Entry in retail banking

Currently, all banks, public and private, are paying special attention to the field of retail banking. It is an innovative financial service that every bank wants to offer to its customers. Be it insurance, online banking, savings account, personal loan, auto loan, debit card, credit card, or mortgage facility. In this way, as the number of products is increasing, the need for professionals to handle them is felt.

So those who have an MBA degree from Sales, Marketing, or Finance or are Graduates, then Customer Service Officer/Manager, Relationship Officer/Manager, Can take entry in it as a sales officer. Banks themselves train their employees according to work functions and industry through internal and online training. Private Banks also have their own resume bank where the youth can submit their resume. The bank calls according to its requirements.

3 Reasons Why Choosing the Banking Sector is the Best Career Option in 2017

Every student dreams of a rewarding job that pays well and secures their future too. In today’s age it is very difficult to choose fields as there are so many choices and each has its risks and perks. A secure job is something that everyone longs for and the road to it is not an easy one. In such circumstances banking sector in India has emerged up as one of the best career option for students and job seekers. Over the last decade the banking industry in India has flourished so much. The economy of the country is continuously on a rise and this has lead to the evolution of the banking industry. Today each of us has a bank account and there is a continuous need of personnel in this particular field.  At the present a job in the banking sector is what youngsters chase and why not the field has so much to offer be it the prestigious status or sky high salaries. There are so many different reasons why the banking sector is where your dream job and here in this blog we discuss about some of these reasons.

High Regard

Getting a job in any of the public sector banks of India is a matter of pride and the employees are treated with very high regard. Getting a job in bank is not easy and you need to devote so much time for preparation before giving it a shot. If you’ve got a job in a public sector bank of the Continue reading