The Importance Of Excel In The World Of Work

Before starting a training course, it is essential that we know and know well what it is about, what it is for and what it will bring us at a professional level. The knowledge that we are acquiring does not take place, in fact, the more we know and the better training we have, the better. Especially on a computer level since everything evolves and it is important to recycle and update knowledge. Technologies are adjusting, growing and with it the way of working with the vast majority of companies or businesses.

Excel is a great tool that supports decision making in an organization. Through this tool we can manage data on a large scale, through statistics, reports and financial reports that facilitate the work of different professionals in the areas of companies, and that with the joint action of information and data that this tool provides we can meet the objectives set and support a decision making with arguments at the right time.

Excel is the most used spreadsheet around the world. With the help of advanced excel courses thousands of companies, regardless of their economic sector or size use this software, due to its flexibility and functionality for data analysis, for that reason, in most processes this tool is involved, therefore, and having advanced knowledge about this software suggests a competitive advantage over other people.


Large and small companies use Excel in the management of accounting, finances, inventories, sales, production, quality, supplies among other areas of the organization, all through its arsenal of functionalities (Formulas, Tables, Graphics, etc.). However, there is a great ignorance about them which has led users not to get their full potential. For that cause, it is thought that Excel is merely a spreadsheet on which we can do operations and graphics. Though, this statement is not true.

With the right knowledge of Excel, not only are spreadsheets created that carry accounts or balances with simple operations, you can build applications that are robust enough to perform tasks of a high degree of complexity. For example: automation of functions through Visual Basic for Applications and creation of dashboards using dynamic tables, dynamic graphics and Power Pivot to name a few.

Of the great variety of new excel training coursesĀ used for the analysis of information Microsoft Excel is still the most powerful and has a significant advantage over others if we mention that it is a program designed to handle the entire lifecycle of the data. To summarize a bit, we can generate knowledge for decision making in our company by only analyzing a database through one of its functionalities “The Dynamic Tables” integrating the information and preparing it to load it later and make the respective analysis regardless of whether the source is found in different programs or file types.

The above is just a small part of what can be achieved with Microsoft Excel, because of this, it is essential for any student, worker or entrepreneur regardless of their profession, rank or socioeconomic level to handle this tool correctly.

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