Varieties Of Specialization In Finance

The specialization in finance is very demanded, although it is true that within it there are sectors of activity more in demand than others. Below we will see some of them give you the opportunity to choose which industry you would like to address. You already know that finance affects all areas of life, so the options are abundant. Are you ready to decide?

Variants of specialization in finance

Controller or credit risk analyst risk or responsible technician personal insurance etc. are some of the professional specialties currently most in demand the world of finance.

According to a study recently prepared by the banking and finance institutes, the crisis of confidence in financial institutions, their growing communication needs and a new paradigm of professional priorities of professionals are causing changes in the profiles most demanded by the financial sector.

For this reason, ASSK Institute has announced what the profiles that the sector currently demands the most are. They are the following:

Credit Risk Controller

He is the professional who is in charge of the analysis and control of credit risk of commercial banking, as well as making budgets and monitoring them. He is responsible for designing the different business management control instruments. Also, to elaborate on the annual budget and the strategic plan of the company.

Risk analyst


In the second place in the ranking, experts place the profile of the ‘Risk Analyst,’ a professional who is responsible for conducting studies, proposals, analysis, and monitoring of the risks of companies with banking companies. The training of these professionals is marked by a master’s degree in banking or finance, or by specific training in risk analysis.

Some functions of risk analysts are:

  • Analyze financial risk operations by studying their financial evolution
  • Consolidate the financial and statistical information of a company or entity through the analysis and study of sectoral and economic situation reports
  • Develop the internal risk regulations of the organization for which you work
  • Make decisions about the viability of the projects of the financial entity or company, establishing short and long-term objectives based on the analysis of the information generated
  • Identify possible action alternatives for investment assumptions, commercial operations, etc.

Technical manager of personal insurance

In the third place in the list, we find the profile of ‘ Personal manager of personal insurance.’ The tasks carried out by these professionals are the creation of new products, the monitoring, and analysis of the portfolio (claims, expenses, and provisions, legislative and fiscal compliance, etc.), as well as the management and supervision of the team. Usually, they have training in insurance mediation or a master’s degree in Banking.

Other variations in finance specialization

In the fourth and fifth are the ‘Foreign Trade Managers’ and the ‘Risk Model Analysts.’ The former has a background in International Relations or a Master’s Degree in Foreign Trade. While the latter, they are usually a computer and mathematical engineers, with training in banking products.

In the sixth and seventh place in the ranking of financial profiles most in demand, we find the one of ‘Quantitative Analyst of Market Risks,’ and ‘Technical Profiles of IT.’ The former are mathematical or physical, with specialized training in investment fund management. The latter tend to have IT training for banking.

Finally, in the eighth, ninth and tenth place, this ranking places the following professionals. We have ‘Product Managers,’ ‘Regulatory Compliance Technicians’ and ‘Financial Agents.’

To acquire them, we recommend you start your studies with a banking & finance course.

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