Want A Bright Career in Banking? ASSK is Glad to Help you Become a Professional Banker

ASSK which is a pioneering Academy of Business and Management has a promise of training more than 1 Lac banking experts in the next 5 years. If you want to make a career in banking then it is a rewarding and safe vocation from career point of view. ASSK academy prepares its students to develop some basic qualities that are of great importance for excelling in their receptive careers.

Consistency as primal quality

Bank job recruiters prefer candidates who are consistent with their performance, whether it is regarding academic record, experience or strong GPAs. It is always believed that records of past performance are the indicators of future performance, keeping this formula in mind recruiters look for those candidates who are consistent.

Exceptional Communication Skills

Communicating and persuading customers can become a hair pulling job if you don’t have a good command over language. Sometimes expertise over language is also not enough as one need to be confident enough and should possess sound knowledge to make his point heard in the crunch situations with customers. Recruiters often look for candidates who are proactive and ready to go that extra mile to solve a customer query and will not dissuade from answering a client. These students are required to work in a customer centric environment, where the client is treated as a king. Serving the king becomes prime important and a banker needs to provide services to its customers along with quick and speedy solution of queries and complaints of the customers.

Assk Courses

Courses :

1. Professional Program in Commercial Banking (PPCB)

In order to prepare its student for such challenging situations ASSK has launched a Professional Program in Commercial Banking. This 90 day course is introduced to prepare students for challenging situations. The core foundation of the course is to educate these future bankers about the professional relationships that they need to build with their customers. The eligibility criteria for pursuing this course is not related to a particular stream, graduates of any field can opt for this course.

Analytical soundness

Risk management is the basic task that a banker does, which involves scheming and taking measures to de-rail any anticipated losses that a bank might have to experience. This makes it very crucial for a banker to possess an analytical bent of mind, that assists in shaping the soundness of the banking sector. Analytical thinking helps bankers to study the financial background and the potential of a client, determine low yielding products such as securities or bonds,loans, and ideal utilization of accessible financial assets to derive benefits. There are high risks related to banking and since all the banks are interlinked somehow, failure of one banking institution will straightaway impact other banking institutions. Thus, ASSK works in improving analytical skills of the candidates, which would make them the best choice for recruiters as they can avert losses.


  • Graduate (any stream)
  • Graduation Final Year
  • 3 Years Diploma

2. Financial Market Wizard (FMW)

The Financial Market Wizard (FMW) Program, which is a joint certification offered by ASSK Academy and National Institute of Securities Markets is well designed to transform a graduate into a fully adapt professional banker. The duration of this certification is 90 days and students need to push themselves really hard to clear this course as the passing criteria is 50 percent.


  • Graduation in any discipline or 3 years diploma after 10+2. Graduates from Open school also eligible for the course.

Completing these courses of ASSK institute means you are all set to bloom in the field of professional banking.

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