What Is Excel Intermediate? How It Differs From Excel Advanced Training?

When a company requests a professional, usually require a domain of Excel Intermediate or Advanced Excel, what do they refer?

The dynamic tables, macros, formulas, and statistics are part of the skills that workers and employees of a company must develop to make correct use of the tool for the benefit of the organization.

The advanced Excel is an indispensable tool for the work of an office and in general for the company, improving the performance in this tool allows better management of data and information, allows to perform analysis and generate added value to the strategies and projects of a company.

It is increasingly clear to me that when it comes to work, what an employer always has to do is make sure that his work team is productive, so he will always try to make sure that the employee has effective and efficient use of Excel to the various tasks that are required.

That said, we could begin that a Basic level of Excel, or basic Excel, implies that Excel has been used at least a few times and that operations can be performed that could be considered as intuitive, that is, what is necessary to explore the content created by other members of the company and can play the most routine tasks that may exist, until here all employers and educators will agree.


On the other hand, in the level of Excel Intermediate, is where there are some discrepancies in the content, for us (in the blog), Excel Intermediate includes all the features that Microsoft Excel gives us by default, not only to know them but also to use them with fluency, to be able to clearly distinguish how to solve the different situations in which we find ourselves with all the available tools.

By the way, we will often see that there is more than one method in which a problem can be solved until here many of the employers could be agreement, and various educational institutions too, however, many of the courses offered in Excel Intermediate tend to vary in the content provided. So I always recommend reviewing the syllabi by advanced excel training institutes in Delhi NCR for the classes before choosing a path.

However, when it comes to Excel Advanced, we refer to everything concerning work with Macros, in which you can make use of the VBA language with fluency. In Advanced Excel, you should assume that default in Microsoft Excel dominates all available tools. For example in an Intermediate Excel course we could review the use of “Search Objective”, while in an Advanced Excel course it should be possible to automate the use of “Search Objective” so that it is executed hundreds of times by means of a macro or for example that in Intermediate Excel you should be able to use “Dynamic Tables”. While in Advanced Excel you should be able to automate the creation of “Dynamic Tables,” making one for each of hundreds of available files.

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