What is MS Excel Advanced Training?

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program from Microsoft, allowing you to do extensive calculations with formulas and functions for everyone. Do you want to learn Excel? We offer you a wide range of Excel presence courses for every level – from basic training giving you an introduction to the user interface and key formulas and features, to topic-specific seminars on pivot tables, charts and business intelligence features with PowerPivot and Co.


Effective controlling and accounting today are hardly conceivable without spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. This excel training in Delhi ncr is for people who work in controlling, accounting, accounting or other finance departments. The Excel course is specially tailored to the requirements and the already good Excel skills of these groups and helps you to carry out your daily work even more efficiently. We put you in a position to put your company on a much better information base.

You learn with the help of Excel to compress relevant data and to gain new meaningful key figures. The emphasis of the Excel course is on the processing of exports from databases (e.g., SAP), the adaptation of data, mathematical processing, tools for comparison and summarization of these data.

It is a face-to-face course in which you learn practically, through exercises, developing projects in which you advance almost without realizing knowing the program in a solid and effective way.

  • Work with series.
  • Work with coordinates and references.
  • The formulas and basic functions.
  • Work with percentages.
  • Number and cell formats.
  • Creation and modification of graphics.
  • Conditional formatting. Work with data.
  • Work with dates and times.
  • To print.
  • Exercises and practical applications of Excel

What the cost of studying?

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The cost of the advanced excel training courses in Delhi depends on their content, duration, and the availability of a certificate issued at their end (free courses do not imply the receipt of a certificate by the students). In any case, courses in Excel, the price of which includes video lessons, as well as available for downloading tables with material on each topic discussed in the lesson. The student can take tests for self-examination, as well as receive the teacher’s advice online if this is necessary and provided for by the course program.

This format of training is due to the capabilities of the interactive training platform. It is convenient for teachers and students, allows you to work not only online, but also perform independent tasks, save and compare the result of work in your account.

What will you learn after completing our courses?

Having completed Excel courses online on our platform, you:

  • Get acquainted with the work of mathematical, logical, statistical and text functions;
  • Learn how to use the functions of date and time, check values and properties, functions of arrays;
  • Learn how to navigate through tables, sort, and filter data quickly;
  • Master the principles of constructing summary tables used for subsequent data analysis;
  • Learn how to select ranges of data, work with them, and protect them from changes by other users.

This is not the entire curriculum of your Microsoft Excel training programmes designed to enable you to improve your skills, acquire new knowledge and skills, and gain additional professional qualities.

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