What Training Courses For the Bank- Finance?

What short term course for banking jobs are preferred when targeting banking and finance? Many of you feel lost when faced with the maze of existing curricula.

The recruitment needs of the banking and finance sector are not decreasing, especially in the commercial sector. Discover the other jobs related to banking and finance.

The banking and finance sector is a health insurance company. The recruitment needs are not diminishing due to the renewal of the generations, but also due to the complexity of financial operations and the need to retain customers.

The most sought-after profiles are salespeople who account for half of the profiles and recruitments. The competitive reality of the sector and the relative lack of public confidence in banks have forced them to refine their customer service and place loyalty at the heart of their concerns. But not only. Young graduates remain highly sought after to support the evolution of the support trades at headquarters or in the network.

Support and technical functions required


According to the professionals of the sector, a bank would count no less than 300 different trades! These include positions related to the processing of transactions with computer profiles, but also numerous support functions, which rose from 18% of the posts in 2000 to 20.9% in 2015.

Banks are seeking, for example, lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, communication managers or human resources. These occupations account for almost 20% of recruitments. That is to say the wealth of opportunities available to young graduates from all sectors.

Finance seeks future employees

Are you rather front, middle or back office? Finance has a variety of positions in search of young recruits. The complexity of financial operations requires increasingly specialized skills. Accounting and tax consolidator, internal auditor or chief accountant are thus very sought-after profiles and for which employers often find it difficult to find candidates. Today, professionals are asked to be both highly skilled and versatile, to know how to combine technical expertise and international openness.

Given the diversity of its businesses and their different degrees of complexity, the bank is, in fact, fond of many profiles. However, all must understand that the bank is a service company with, in the end, a customer. This means real commercial skills or at least relational skills.

To replace the many retirements, the bank seeks not only young graduates but also confirmed, with a profile of commercial preference.

Different opportunities. If you enter the area with short term courses for banking professionals, you will have maximum possibilities on the various retail bank positions, but not only. You can also be oriented towards the support professions (project manager, network architect, risk manager and others) and financial professions (management controller, middle-office manager, etc.).

If you are specialized in financial mathematics, you can be a financial engineer or a business analyst. Confirmed profiles are more sought after for managerial positions of the type responsible for the agency but also for positions requiring high expertise, especially from the investment banking side, such as the trade trader. Several types of research indicate that the 35% of confirmed employees recruited in the branch work in professional and private consultant positions or as agency managers.

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