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FIVE Important Tips for Interview


1: Ensure you are familiar with the points mentioned in your resume. Highlight the important points and milestones which you would like to explain in detail at the interview discussion.

2: Be ready for common questions, including "tell us about yourself, what do you know about the company, what are your interests, reasons for leaving previous or existing job". This will avoid fumbling during the interview.

3: Rehearse :Besides preparing for common questions, practice the right sitting posture, body language and rehearse on how would you enter and greet.

4: Documentation : Collect all your necessary documents and put in a sequential manner to avoid spilling them all over the floor when the interviewer asks for them.

5: Check :This should be your last step before entering the interview hall - use the restroom and check yourself in the mirror. Gather your thoughts and focus on the interview.

Posted On:

18 Jul 2017