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UIDAI Operator Training Program


Govt of India has made it mandatory to all citizen must have AADHAR number. UIDAI has been authorized to provide unique Aadhar number to all residents of India. To successfully implement such a diverse resident’s database, enrollment and updating required trained personal that must have certification in relevant field. To qualify the certification candidates required training so that the process can be completed smoothly.

UIDAI also believes that apart from training there has to be a mechanism to assess the person’s skill and proficiency to work as enrolment staff before the Enrolment Staff start performing the Aadhaar Enrolment or Update. Considering this, UIDAI has prescribed mandatory Testing & Certification for enrolment personnel to ensure adherence to quality aspects. Currently certification is available for the following roles:

  • Enrolment Supervisor / Operator
  • Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator

Being the pioneer in training for various program , ASSK Academy has developed unique training module for UIDAI enrolment staff which will enable candidates to understand the process of enrollment and updating so that the certification can be obtained easily.

Course Overview:

Being a Fast Track Certification Program, essential topics and contents shall only be taught during the training. Classes will be held five days a week from Monday to Friday Apart from the regular classes, the program participants would be required to take part in additional curricular and extra-curricular activities. Formal class room session will be of 90 minutes duration. There will be 2 session on each day.